Performance Schedule for PAC

Saturday: HS Small Mixed

Saturday, March 13, 2021

11:30a - Milton Union HS 'Center Stage' (Small Mixed)

12:30p - Buckeye Valley HS 'Visions' (Small Mixed)

02:30p - Alliance HS 'Jet Setters' (Small Mixed)

03:30p - South Dearborn HS 'Opening Knight' (Small Mixed)

11:00p - Virtual Awards

Performance Schedule for Arena

Friday: Middle School/Jr. High

Saturday: Single-Gender, HS Medium Mixed & HS Large Mixed

Friday, March 12, 2021

05:45p - Jackson MS 'Spark of Class'

06:35p - Ross MS 'Next Generation'

07:25p - Loveland MS 'Revolution'

08:15p - South Dearborn 'Showcase'

09:05p - Peoria Area MS 'Vocal Velocity'

10:00p - Fairfield MS 'Little Elegance' [Exhibition]

10:25p - Fairfield MS 'Rhythm Express' [Exhibition]

10:45p - Virtual Awards


Saturday, March 13, 2021

08:00a - Hamilton HS 'Vocal Elegance' (Single Gender)

08:35a - Hamilton HS 'Rhapsody In Blue' (Medium Mixed)

09:30a - Colerain HS 'Show Cards' (Medium Mixed)
10:25a - Peoria Area HS 'Soundwave' (Medium Mixed)

11:20a - Edgewood HS 'Choraliers' (Medium Mixed)

12:15p - Lebanon HS 'Singers' (Large Mixed)

01:10p - Olentangy HS 'She-Notes' (Single Gender)

01:45p - Olentangy HS 'Keynotes' (Medium Mixed)

02:40p - Marion Harding HS 'X-Treme' (Single Gender)

03:15p - Marion Harding HS 'Singers' (Medium Mixed)

04:10p - Kenton HS 'Kenton Top Twenty' (Medium Mixed)

05:05p - Ross HS 'Legacy' (Large Mixed)

06:00p - Marysville HS 'Swingers Unlimited' (Large Mixed)

06:55p - Grove City HS 'Class Act' (Single Gender)

07:30p - Grove City HS 'Touch of Class' (Medium Mixed)

08:25p - Loveland HS 'Allure' (Single Gender)

09:00p - Loveland HS 'By Request' (Large Mixed)

10:00p -Fairfield HS Pure Elegance [Exhibition]

10:20p - Fairfield HS FortissiBROS [Exhibition]

10:40p - Fairfield HS Choraliers [Exhibition]

11:00p - Virtual Awards

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